Long ago when sun-dappled days seemed to stretch on forever, there was a little girl who loved setting off—cape flying and eyes shining—into the woods with her basket, in search of beautiful treasures. On one such outing, Little Pink Riding Hood and her friends Gram, Woof and Tommy Toadstool were running over the river and through the coolly shaded forest when they came to a clearing. Suddenly, a magical breeze swept through and they stopped and looked up to see a constellation of handmade clothes, toys and one-of-a-kind gifts twinkling in the trees. Made with love and care by blissful fairy mothers, these enchanting finds were brought back by Little Pink Riding Hood and her crew to share with all the little princesses, knights and babies in the village.

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Little Pink Riding Hood Woof Gram Tommy Toadstool

Little Pink Riding Hood Supports Handmade Goods and Financial Independence of Women

All of the items available at Little Pink Riding Hood are made with care by mothers and mothers to be. Entrepreneurs from a variety of professional backgrounds, our fairy mothers help financially support their families—while staying at home with them—by handcrafting one-of-a-kind clothes, toys and other goods. We are proud to support these talented women and their art. Each of the brands we offer have been chosen with special care and are the very best in terms of design, craftwomanship and materials.

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